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Being Vakil
Dec 02, 2023
In General Discussion
On 28th November 2023, we marked the kickoff of the Maha60 Outreach Program in Nashik, and the enthusiasm was palpable! The vibrant atmosphere echoed with insightful discussions that left an indelible impact. This visionary initiative, led by Mr. Dipendra Singh Kushwa IAS, Development Commissioner, Industries Department-Government of Maharashtra, has laid the foundation for an unprecedented exploration of opportunities and collaborations. Special appreciation to ASHOKA BUSINESS SCHOOL for their invaluable support. Our founder Ms Shweta Sudhir shared insights of her journey at Being Vakil and the importance of Legal Services for any venture. A sincere acknowledgement to Hon Jalraj Sharma (IAS), District Collector, Nashik, who presided over the program, guided by the visionary leadership of Shri Deependra Singh Kushwah (IAS), Development Commissioner (Industries). The seamless organization of this event was made possible by the efforts of Shri Sandeep Patil, GM DIC, Nashik, and Shri Satish, Joint Director of Industries, Nashik region. As we reflect on the success of the Maha60 Outreach Program, it's essential to extend our gratitude to @CornellMaha60 Program, XED Government of Maharashtra (GoM) Maharashtra State Innovation Society I'm pleased to share a glimpse of the CornellMaha60 Program, an upcoming initiative that promises to further amplify opportunities for learning and collaboration. #Maha60 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
🚀 Exciting Beginnings of Being Vakil in Maha60 Outreach Program in Nashik! 🌟 content media

Being Vakil

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